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First the price is $15  which is the lowest in the State. Do not waste your money on flashy websites.  Save your money for behind the wheel training.
Q) Is this course accepted by the DMV in order to fulfill the 30-hour requirement for Driver Education
A) Yes this is a DMV approved course. The form you get is a PINK DL 400C  called
 which we will send you after you complete our online course.  This course is affordable and is extremely popular with teens.  We listen to what students want - a fun easy  informative course at an affordable price. 
Q) Why are the first 4 chapters free?
A) We want you to see what we have to offer.  All you need to do is click the free chapters.  We do not ask you to sign up.  We will never send you follow up emails to sign up. 60 % of the course is in the first four chapters. Most of our business is word of mouth. Friends will tell friends about our course.  Other online courses will give you a low price and once you are in you are stuck with just boring reading material.  We have flash, animations, graphics and interactive situations.  Do your homework - look into our website and look at others.    Ask your parents to look at our website.
Q) How does the DMV know You have completed the course
A) A CERTIFICATE OF COMPLETION will be mailed to you within 5 to 7 days. If you lose your Certificate we will charge you $10. We are not here to rip you off. We are a very successful driving school. Note the hidden cost that other driving school will charge $20 for a lost certificate.

Q) Is the student and credit information confidential?
A)  All information is confidential under our privacy act. We are a bona-fide driver training institution. We have been in business since 1972
It is standard procedure to secure student information. We are require by law to keep all information of student records confidential.  We are a Better Business Bureau member.
The credit cards transaction is encrypted to
If you wish to write us a check or money order email me you can send a check to out home office in Fremont.  877 229-8898  510 791-7200
See our home page.  We also have an San Francisco office  415 665-1133

Q) Does the course expire.
A)  The course expires in one year but it is not enforced 

Q)  What if you failed the end of the test?
A)  We want you to pass. We will let you take the test over until you can pass. If you do not pass within 3 tries please call us. Or you can just keep on taking the test till you pass.  We will work with you because we also teach in the classroom.  You can go into our website and go into the permit link and practice many test. 

Q) What happens if I do not understand a concept?
A)  Email us or call the 877  229-8898 or you can call me at my other numbers   510 791 7200  cell  or my cell 415 665-1133    The reason I leave my numbers is because I had the worst experience with ATT.  They made me wait for up to two hours to get service and I said to  myself I will never let any customer go through this!
Q) What is the age requirement to take the course
A)  14 years and 9 months and 15 ½ years old to get your permit.  One can actually start driving at 15 1/2 years old

Q) What documents do I need to get my permit?
A)   After you complete your online course we will send you the  PINK DL 400C  called us  and we will send it usually 2 to 5 days

Bring to the DMV
Application for Driver License Form DL 44. It is good for one year both parents must sign it. If there is only one person or guardian your parent or guardian must state "I have sole custody of the teen". The DMV charges $31 which is good for one year and non-refundable
Original birth Certificate-a copy will not be accepted,
you can also use your passport.  call DMV if you are not sure   1800 777-0133
Social Security number,   If your application and social security name is different you should contact the DMV        
Go to the website to make an appointment.  Or you can just show up.  If you go without an appointment go before 4:30pm.
Q)  What can go wrong for applying for the permit test?
A) the applicant did not bring the proper documents to the DMV

Q) Why $15 for the online course.
A)  We believe that Drivers Education should not be expensive. As we get more successful we will lower the price. My Driver Education and Driver Training was free when I went to high school.  Refer two friends and I will refund you $10 back to your credit cards.  Look for the promos   Our price is the lowest in the States!
Q) What sites should you look at to practice for the permit test
go to and type I written test   there will be 5 ten question test.  It is okay but very limited
also look at and type in the search box  california dmv and california permit test