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$15 for our website   The first four chapters are free! The free four chapters covers 60% of the course. No need to sign up.  I will not ask you to sign up.    You can also see our whole website for free.  Go to our website and on the left side you can look at our tree; you can look at our 9 chapters

This good for our of state drivers from other countries.  Ie  this guy from Finland wanted to gain access to California driving rules.  He reads the handbook but it just was not enough.  He tried to apply the California DMV handbook but too much info did not apply. Our free website will give you more info
To get general information of our school
We are located
Capitol City Driving School or 
 good free info on how to prepare for the permit test
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We have the other office at
A-Safe Way Driving School
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I am the owner and have two offices
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Call me and press # to bypass the message.  During the busy times I will teaching behind the wheel training and I will call you back from 7 to 9PM. 
You can sign up online.  We use two services to make sure your credit card info is secured.  and Cleargate (PCI Compliance)
Q)  Who are we?
A)  Capitol City Driving School has been in operation since 1972. Historically our school has been extremely successful in teaching Driver Education and Driver Training.
The owner is a UC Berkeley Graduate and has written Driver Education and Driving Manuals.He was trained by two retired law enforcement officers.  Our website was developed  from an Oracle technical writer. We hire the best to develop our website
Collin  -  He is a UC Berkeley Graduate in Liberal Arts and Accounting.  He left the accounting field because he wanted to work with youths.  He hated and dread sitting in the office all day pushing papers. He has worked in high school counseling and working with teens for to prepare them for college.
Collin played basketball for UC Berkley's  Club team.
We did not cut corners in
preparing this website.   You will receive other information on the internet to get you to pass the permit test. is our website. We have made this website to meet the demands of the students who wants to take the course online and do not have the time to go to a classroom. 

We believe that the online Driver Education can never replace a live in classroom teacher. Driver education is not a boring subject.
The mission of this website is to provide students with the required knowledge to pass the Department of Vehicle 46 question multiple choice written permit test. We ask all prospective students to do their homework in looking for the best online website. We have allow students to log in to our website and take the first four chapters for free. We spent our money on providing a professional e-learning website. We have provided graphics, animations and interactive situations. Notice how our information is presented and go compare it to the other websites. Some websites only have reading material and absolutely no graphics, animations, videos or interactive situations. 
Q  Why is there Driver education online?
A) Cutbacks in the school budget has allowed online website to emerge.  Back in the days your parents will tell you Driver Education and Driver Training was free.  Most of Driver Education in the classroom was taught by the high school coach.
Q)  How does the parent or teen choose the best website for driver education online?
A)  I was taught before you buy anything  you must do your research.  You will prevent yourself from getting ripped off.
It depends on the student. Some students do not do their homework (due diligence) and sign up for the flashiest website. If they would have been looking and was able to try out the demos they can make an inform decision of what is the best website for them. Some websites will not let you try their demo. Some websites want you to pay up front to try their website. We are getting very busy now because word of mouth is spreading about our school. 
CASE AND POINT Flashy websites lures you in and all you get is just text. The student is force to read and read only text. There are no illustrations or videos. The student takes the permit test and forgets everything and has to take the permit test over.
Our website asks you to go through our website and it gives you pointers on how to pass the test and what to expect for Driver Training in our Case and point stories.   WATCH OUT FOR THE WEBSITES THAT FORCES YOU TO GIVE AN EMAIL OR CREDIT CARD BEFORE YOU GET THE FREE STUFF.  IT IS A CLASSIC SWITCH AND BAIT!  Many students complain about how they were forced to sign up with the Driver Ed Website

Q)  What are the advantages and disadvantages of taking a course online?

A) Advantage: Easier, you can do it on your own time. You can save time by not driving to school. Some students just do not have any time to go to a class.  My Junior year was the most stressful time in my academic life.  I felt I had to use my important time to study for the PSAT and SAT test.  My toughest year in my life was my Junior Year.   do not need to say anymore why
415 665-1133 or  877 229 8898  510 791-7200  It is best to call me from 7pm to 9 pm because I may be driving students around.  If you leave a voicemail I will call you from 7 to 9 pm
Disadvantage: If you get stuck or you do not understand you must chat with us or email us. You can never replace the interaction with the teacher. The Teacher is a reservoir of information. If you get a question wrong you can ask the teacher for the right answer. A excellent teacher will give you insights and there are answers to all your questions. Email me at if you have any questions.
The most common is what do I bring to the DMV for the written test
your pink form,   DL 44 {driver license application - social security number and original birth certificate  }The teaching is more personal. A good teacher can make the subject very interesting I remembering receiving excellent instructions from a professional teacher.
Our website as an added value includes a chapter on how to drive a car. 
 Does my high school requires me to take Driver's Education to graduate; can I use this course to fulfill the requirement?
Yes and no.  Some high schools force you to take it with them. Some high schools just want you to take it elsewhere.  The problem with taking at the high school is that you must wait and some students want to drive earlier.  Even though you may still have to take Driver's ED in high school, many students will take my online course to begin driving ASAP.  Case and point-Mary wants to drive but she has to wait 8 months before she can take her class at her high school.(classes are booked for a long time)  Her mother is sick of driving her around and wants her to get the driving license to drive her younger sister and brother around.  Mary is 15 1/2 years old and needs to drive so she will take our course and by the time she is sixteen she will get her license.  Mary will have her license and may still have to take Driver's ed in her high school.  Many school are aware of this situation and are allowing students to use our course as a fulfillment to graduate.  Contact your high school counselor for more info.

Q)  Why do we charge only $15?  The answer is WHY NOT!
A)  The cost is $15 for the website. Back when I was in high school driver education was free. We set the price at $30 and many schools have followed our price. We will lower the price further as we get more business. Go look at the other website and look at their material. If you think it justifies paying an extra $50 then by all means go pay the extra money.  Also compare the other websites at $15.

Q) Why do we let you look at 60% of the course for free?
A) We are the only driving school to let you look at the course for free without signing up because you need to know what you are buying.  Do your homework and use our site.    

Q)  Why are there so many different prices for driver's education?
A)  I personally feel you are almost getting ripped off.  Some charge high prices for online education, which should be free. We believe Driver Education should be free and if the website does well we will lower the price even more. We are focus on driver education and not in luring you to buy other stuff.. So if you want to get educated at a reasonable price this is the website for you. After our course we will show you other websites that are free to check out for you to be a good driver.

Q)  Are the information secure and safely guarded?
A)  The credit cards transaction is encrypted to Read our privacy policy. We are part of the Better Business Bureau.
My credit card gets rejected

Please enter the address of the person whose card you are using in the billing information section.  Enter the address that you are living at currently in the shipping information section.  this means  if your Dad signed up and his billing address is in Los Angeles and you the teen use a San Jose address, the card will be rejected.  If you use your Dad's address then you must also use that address in your sign up form.  Ie Mary signs up at 1234 Oak Street San Jose but the Dad's address is in Los Angeles, the card will be rejected.  Mary needs to sign up using her Dad's address. 

Q)  Is the student and credit information confidential?
A)  All information is confidential under our privacy act.
The credit cards transaction is encrypted to

Q)  Can I pay by check or money order?
A)  Yes send a check ($15) write payable to Capitol City Driving School to our address 3623 Thornton Ave Fremont CA 94536  and include your teen's full name, address, city, zip code, phone, email address, the mom or dad's first name (this is the password) and the high school and also include how did you find out about the online course. 
We will manually log you in.  It is simple but it takes three to six days to process the check.
Q) I cannot login after paying?
A)There are allot of reasons.  The most common is the student or parent will create the wrong ID or password
IE  it happens allot   the student will type in their email  but they will type in  john or 
If this happens email me at or call me from 7 to 9 pm
Q) Can i use my same email with my brothers or sisters
A) If you sign up using your mom's email
Use your email as your ID once
I need to see what email you started the website with your mom's password  do not use it for your younger brothers or sister.  Use instead another email as a ID
for example   Jim use  and finish the course.  The next year Jim's sister,Jenny used again for the ID.   When Jenny sign up   Jim's name or account willl appear so do not use the previous email address for the brother or sister..   keep it simple just email me or call me so I can manually corrrect things for you
I am on the road up to 8pm so you can call me up to 9:30 pm

Q)  After this class can I take the permit test?
A)  The course does fulfill the 30 hour requirement of the DMV. Yes, you can take the permit test provided you have the proper documentation.

Q)  Why do we want you to go into our website and try it out?
A)  Go into our website and try it and if you do not like it, there is no obligation except your time and the knowledge that you gain. Compare it to other websites and make the comparison. Most students want the best value at the most reasonable price. We offer that.

Q)  What is the online drivers education course like?
A)  The beginning-log in and press the right gray arrow to advance the pages.
You log in and our database will remember where you began and stopped
We have a page and a related graphic or animation . Our website has 9 chapters and at the end of each chapter is a ten question test. If you miss 3 or more you will have to repeat the quiz until you pass.

At the end of the 9 chapters will be a final of 46 questions. where you must pass with 38 correct. If you fail you must repeat the test. You will be able to click on videos to teach you Aspects of The California Driving license, Rules of the Road and Safe Driving Practices. We also have at the end of the lesson a local driving video.

Q)  What is the process after you finish the course?
A)  When you pass we will send you a  PINK DL400C.
the next step is to go to and look for the handbook and read the handbook
How to choose a good driver training should be a no-brainer.
Ask your friends and parents.  Call the driving school and ask these questions
who are your teachers?, what are their background?,  why are you charging so much?,  does your teacher conduct business while teaching?, how much experience does the teacher have?,what will be taught?,  does the teacher smoke?,I have a Driving School in San Francisco and Fremont area and this is taught usually on the first lesson
  • Instruments and Controls   
  • Steering Control
  • Accelerator and Brake Controls
  • Right and Left Turns
  • Lane Changing
  • Turns in Traffic
  • Blind Spots and Mirrors Check
  • Approaching and Timing Traffic Lights
  • Reverse Straight
  • Reverse Turns
  • Turnabouts  second lesson
  • Gauging the Curb
  • Up and Down Hill Parking
  • Angle Parking
  • Parallel Parking
  • One-way Street
  • Night Time Driving
  • U-Turns in Business Districts
  • Freeway Driving second lesson
  • Two-way Left Turn Lane
  • Simulated Road Test
  • Judging Time Gap at Intersection
    Parents are amaze that I am able to teach all this info on the first lesson.  I always reming parents that I do research on driving.  I write driving manuals that is accepted by the State of California to train Driving Instructors.  The most constant comments from parents is "I know how to do it but I just do not know how to teach it to my child"
    REFERENCE Points
    example most parent will say when should you turn on a intersection. Parents will say just turn when you got it right. This where I come in.  I will say at a right turn you  must turn the wheel 30 degree to the right and turn when the bumper is even with the curve.   I will instruct teens to turn at certain points. 
    I have to constantly remind parents that I am
    A UC grad
    I write driving manuals
    I was taught be two law enforcement officers (one was a Sargeant and one was a CHP accident officer)
    I was born in San Francisco  so I saw how difficult it is to drive in the San Francisco.
    We will also give you handouts for you to study.  All students may get a 280 page book on driving instruction
     go to and type in the following
    ca dmv
    look for 19 white 19 behind black background
    13     look for white 13 behind black background   you may need to scroll down to see white letters 13
    There are allot of info on   permit questions      just do a search
    Watch out for the sites that ask you to  pay for something
    Thanks from the owner who personally believes education should be free